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Are You Having Issues With AbilitiesRide?

The Maryland Public Service Commission, which regulates the taxi industry in Maryland, has authorized Montgomery County to regulate local taxicab service. MCDOT provides this oversight to ensure that companies and drivers meet the highest safety, quality and customer service standards./p>


  • General Passenger Information  - Every taxicab has an informational poster displayed behind the driver's seat. The poster lists the name and telephone number of the taxicab company, and the taxi's unique license number
  • Driver Responsibilities - Drivers should provide professional and courteous service. They must take the most direct route to the customer's destination, charge metered rates, accept any passenger unless the taxicab is engaged or off duty and provide a receipt.
  • Customer Responsibilities - Wait for the taxi at the curb or be prepared to come out to the taxicab immediately upon its arrival. Enter and exit the vehicle on the opposite side of the cab from the traffic lane. . Be sure to cancel reservations if the taxicab is not needed.
  • Taxi Companies - The taxicab companies licensed to operate in Montgomery County are (links will open a new window):
    Action Taxi - (301) 840-1000
    Orange Taxi - (301) 912-0000
    Regency Taxi - (301) 990-9000
    Sun Cab - (301) 252-0575

Taxi Meter Rates
All taxicabs must have meters. Rates for services are regulated and posted in every cab.  All licensed Montgomery County taxicabs charge the same rate. View meter rates. Credit cards are accepted by all taxicabs in Montgomery County in addition to cash.

Contact Montgomery County.

  • If contacting the taxicab company has not resolved an issue to your satisfaction, contact us using one of the following options:
  • Be sure to include:
    • The taxicab number (The taxicab number can be found on both sides of the vehicle and on the information packet inside the vehicle.)
    • The company name
    • The trip date and time
    • A detailed description of the problem
    • Your name, address, phone number and email address where you can be contacted

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Creative Cooking Class

save the dateThe New Year is here again with its new resolutions and benchmarks—losing weight, visiting the gym at least three times in the week, and eating healthy meals. Independence Now is fully in support of your goals, and together, we will work to develop a healthy lifestyle throughout 2019 and beyond.

January 17th 11am - 1:30pm — Meal Planning (No Excuses)
Having trouble sticking to a healthy meal plan? Then make it easy. Meal prepping simplifies healthy eating by planning and organizing up front (and eliminating excuses later on). Come learn to create several days' of meals with just a few recipes and one trip to the grocery store.

March 21st 11am – 1:30pm – Creative Cooking Class
Trying to manage diabetes, lose weight, or manage another chronic condition, feelings of guilt can be overwhelming when you indulge in your favorite foods. What if you could get all of your favorite rich and hearty dishes without the guilt? Together, we can Test Kitchen's Guilt-Free Comfort Favorites.

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Dinner & A Movie

February 21st 4:00pm – 7:30pm -- Profoundly Normal
Football season is here, and that means cooler weather, game days, and lots of food. Fortunately, diabetes meal planning and pre-game get together don't have to be bitter rivals. Join us in preparing healthy tailgating options to cheer for.

The Express (Ernie Davis Story) - Born into poverty, Ernie Davis (Rob Brown) overcomes many obstacles to get into Syracuse University's football program. Under the guidance of Coach Ben Schwartzwalder (Dennis Quaid), Davis becomes one of the school's best players, even surpassing Jim Brown's achievements. In 1961 Davis becomes the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy, but there is one more obstacle in his life that he must overcome.

Contact Rochelle Harrod at 240-898-2184 to register or request accommodations.

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Housing Seminar

January 24th 1pm - 3pm: Domestic Violence & Subsidized Housing
Learn about the federal law called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which helps victims apply for, or live in, affordable/subsidized housing. Guest Speaker: Domestic Violence Survivor.

February 28th 1pm - 3pm: "Just Cause" Evictions
In Maryland, landlords can evict tenants from their homes with 60 days' notice if the landlord does not issue a lease & explicitly states the reason why a tenant is not being offered a lease extension. Join us for more info.

March 28th 1pm - 3pm: Assisted Living vs. In-Home/Personal Care Assistance
What's the difference & When Should You Consider Getting Either? Depending on you or your family member's needs, having someone lend a hand with meal preparation, getting around the house, transportation, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, etc. could be a big help. Learn about independent living options and services that are available to persons with disabilities in their own homes and services that are available at assisted living facilities.

Contact Abiola Heyliger to register or to request accommodations.

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Financial/Budgeting Seminar

Money Matters – February 13th 1pm – 3pm
Money Matters: Saving your dollars and cents presented by Guidewell Financial Services. Learn how to save for a rainy day and necessities that are important to you.

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Blindness and Visual Impairment Awareness Month

January 9th 1pm - 3pm
In honor of Blindness and Visual Impairment Awareness Month, Independence Now will be hosting an event on Independent Living, Assistive Technology, and work incentives for blind and visually impaired presented by Columbia Lighthouse for Blind and MDWIN.

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Women's History Month Annual Tea

March 19th 1 - 3pm
A Celebration of Empowerment and Achievement of Women through Adversity. Bring your hat and your tea cup. Must RSVP. Speakers to be announced

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