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HEADLINE: Federal Real ID Requirements - NOW is the Time to ACT

If you haven’t visited the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) recently, you may be required to bring additional documentation on your next visit. The federal Real ID Act, legislation created post 9/11 now requires customers to provide proof of identity, Social Security and Maryland residency documents when completing a transaction, if you do not already have those documents on file with MDOT MVA. Starting October 1, 2020 a Real ID will be necessary to board commercial airplanes and enter federal facilities.

If you’re unsure if your license is Real ID compliant, visit the MDOT MVA’s REAL ID Lookup Tool at www.mva.maryland.gov/realidlookup. The Lookup Tool will ask for a driver’s license number and advise if you need to bring in the required REAL ID documents. If you are required to bring in documents, the MDOT MVA REAL ID Online Document Guide walks you through the required documentation needed including one proof of age and identity, one proof of social security, and two proofs of Maryland residential address. To expedite your visit, the online document guide gives you an option to make an appointment with a guarantee to be seen within 15 minutes of check-in.

Learn more about Real ID.

Visit the Real ID Lookup Tool to Check Your Status
Collect Your Real ID Documents and Schedule and Appointment
Learn More About the Federal Real ID Act

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July 18th 4:00pm-7:30pm
Pre-Show Dinner/Creative Cooking Class: "Chicken dinner on a stick” Kabobs made with large chicken nuggets & homemade barbecue dipping sauce!

“Walk. Ride. Rodeo.” Film based on the incredible true story of Amberley Snyder, a nationally-ranked rodeo champion who defies the odds—after barely surviving a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down—to get back on her horse and compete again. Starring: Spencer Locke, Missi Pyle, Sherri Shepherd.

Contact Abiola Heyliger at 240-638-0066 to register or request accommodations.

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Creative Cooking Class

The good news: Summer cooking can be cool and easy with a little creativity and planning. From preparing “hot stuff” in the morning to taking advantage of small appliances, here’s what you need to know on how to make summer cooking less cumbersome. Plan ahead, Keep it simple, Take it outside, Take advantage of small appliances and eat healthy. Thank you for the tip Living Well!

August 15th 11am-1:30pm: Creative Cooking Class
We're on a mission to improve the way our consumers eat. Summer brings a wealth of deliciously ripe produce. Come learn how to pick the freshest seasonal fruits and veggies and mouthwatering ways to serve them presented by Manna Food.

September 19th 11am-2:00pm: Creative Cooking Class
Cooking and Food Safety Emergency Preparedness lesson. Would you know what to cook if you had no appliances in case of emergency presented by Montgomery County Fire Department. The “Conversation Table” is at it again, let’s talk safety.

Contact Rochelle Harrod at 240-898-2184 to register or request accommodations.

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Housing Seminar

July 17th 1pm-3pm: #Housing4Alll
Learn Where & How to Apply Now for housing online. Come learn how to create a user name and profile so you can know to submit housing application online.

August 22nd 1pm-3pm
Are you in need of affordable accessible housing: Finding affordable and low income housing can be difficult. Many low income apartments have waiting lists and don't advertise available rentals. Come learn how to search for and inquire about how to find a place that meets your needs.

September 26th 1pm-3pm
Are you Ready to move? If you received a call to tomorrow about an apartment, Would you be ready?, How prepared would you be? Do you have money saved up? Do you have documentation? Let’s talk about getting prepared.

Contact Debra Potts at 240-638-0065 to register or to request accommodations.

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Wednesday, July 23rd 1pm-3pm
Getting out of debt can save you thousands in interest AND take a big load off your shoulders. Find out how using 10 Key Steps to get out of debt at Independence Now’s next #MoneyMatters Workshop


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Tuesday, August 6th 4pm-6pm: - Keeping Your Personal Information SAFE online
In Independence Now’s newest workshop, #TechTuesdays, find out how to unlock the power of 21st century technology, like your smartphone & other assistive technology devices to make them more accessible for YOUR disabilities. At IN’s first #TechTuesday, learn how to use JUST your voice to access your emails, texts, Facebook, & other apps on your phone!.

Contact Abiola Heyliger at 240-638-0066 to register or request accommodations.

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