Independence Now assists persons with disabilities to achieve their dreams for Employment, providing support to locate and maintain work. We serve people receiving services from DORS and those who would like to assign their Ticket To Work to us and live in Montgomery or Prince George's County. Employment services involve the development and implementation of an individual employment development plan. All service plans and services provided are developed with the consumer, with the staff in a guiding or supporting role.

Relying on the philosophy of peer guidance and supporting the individual to make their own decisions, the role of employment staff in Independence Now's employment program will be primarily as a guide and support for consumers to develop and implement their employment plans. The program is founded on consumer control, the idea that people with disabilities are the best experts on their own needs. High quality job developers and trainers who are peers will provide a motivational component that includes self advocacy and self reliance.

Employment staff will likely be a peer with specialized training in employment services. Staff will work with individuals enrolled in the employment program to help them identify their employment goals and the steps necessary to meet them. Staff will suggest resources program participants can contact to facilitate employment, but will expect consumers to contact these resources themselves. Using their experience, staff will provide program participants with support, models to achieve their goals, and practical advice.

We provide non supported employment services and employment development services. Contact Denise Sosbe for more information: 240-898-2188.